Orange Nation Logo Update

My other logo was still in its larva stage but I soon got moments of inspiration to add a little style to it. So I began creating the font with circles and rectangle (the only basic shapes you will ever need), then I gave it a nice neutral background with some light reflections. I gave my “font” a little drop shadow too to make it pop out. The design is looking good so far and I notice that there is a “static” effect when you look far away from the little t.v. box letters. Still… Shaun’s design is kicking my butt which tells me that I need to step it up some more.


About Fadi G.

I am a digital artist and I hope to push the bounds of creativity. I will produce videos, illustrations, animations, and more interesting things.

Posted on January 21, 2010, in Challenges, Illustrations, Pathfinder, Text. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I think it looks really good. There definitely is a static effect when viewed far away and I wouldn’t have guesses it wasn’t actually static until I viewed the large image. I really like the way the colors work together and how the background is interesting but not obstructive. Very good job.

    (But make it open in a second window.)

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