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Work in Progress

2/27/10: Woke up “late” again on  Saturday; came at 8:00 in the MacLab. I am really too tired to finish spaces and other things right now. Right now I’m working on some other illustration, one from the Not Yet Finished page. When its hit 12:00, I’ll be going to the Got Arts? Festival and then work on some stuff at home.

2/26/10: I never knew the Spaces Icon would take forever to make but I still managed to finish most of it. I’ll upload the current image to this blog post. I am trying to finish the top and the inside parts of it. I’ll try to finish it today and re-upload it to this post.


New Icon…Unity

I remade another icon and this happens to be the 3d-game engine, Unity3d. Do you remember when I mentioned it in this? I sure hope so. The next icon I will work on will probably be Spaces. This unity file will also be available in the widget on the right.

New Gallery Images

As you have read, I’m currently working on gallery images to better  the layout of my website. Today I feature this new gallery image for my self-portraits. More content will be added to all these galleries. But I will be uploading more things in the Not Yet Finished page.

New Layout For Galleries

If you have seen this, then I presume you’ve checked the Galleries page, I wanted to mimic Philip B.’s layout for his galleries page. I will continue to update that page with these types of styles. I am also trying to finish the Mac Desktop picture so keep checking for those free files just so you don’t have to waste time making one since I already did it for you.

Free Files

Since I’m doing an illustration of an iMac computer and its desktop, I’m making all sorts of icons to resemble the likeness of the desktop. This blog post features a picture of a Finder icon I made using Illustrator. I also made a Dropbox icon if anyone is interested. I will upload these files using a WordPress widget. I’m making them available to you guys just so you can have them when you need them for any purpose. So to count up, I only have the Dropbox icon and a Finder icon (as well as some system tray icons). More will come soon and don’t forget I’ll upload via file-share widget.

UPDATE: I uploaded the image of the desktop I’m trying to finish in the Not Yet Finished page.

Text and Strokes Tutorial

Back again with this new tutorial. In this, I will try to play around with various elements of Illustrator. I will use elements like the text tool, then create outlines, and use the outline path option.


1. Create a new illustrator document.

2. Use the text-tool and choose a font too. Write anything you want, I used my name.

3.  Make a copy of the text and with that copy, right click and choose create outlines.

4. Ungroup the outlined text and move them close together and use pathfinder to combine these “shapes”.

5. Now choose a stroke for your combined shapes and then go to Objectin depth with the outline stroke option in the next tutorial.

6. Now choose another stroke and you’ll get a fairly cool effect.

T-Shirt Designs

I have been drawing sketches lately dealing with T-shirt designs so it should not come as quite a shock when today’s image is one of my Valentine’s Day T-shirt illustration. I will have more up soon and will post it in the illustration gallery a.s.ap. I am going to produce more type of these things since I already did about 5+ sketches. Keep checking the blog for more!

Saturday Slumber

2/16/10: I  am still working on unfinished projects like the Valhalla building and the big illustration. I have done new sketches and I will try to get them on Illustrator soon enough.

2/14/10: I will be very busy today with homework so I won’t doing any work on Illustrator…argh! But I’ll try to work on some of my sketches and maybe I’ll think of some tutorials for you guys.

2/13/10: It is saturday morning in the Mac Lab which means only one thing, 5 hours of fun (technically 5 3/4 hours). I was designing a lot of things last night but I guess that led to me to wake up late. I will have a new page for unfinished illustrations/projects. I will also make a new page for my sketches.

Kyle W. and I have decided that we were going to make iPhone Applications to eventually make things to sell. This blog post features an iPhone “Application” I drew to show what I was talking about. We are also going to be using GameSalad(only for Mac) in not Torque(2d) to make games for the iPhone. Thanks for visiting again.

Great News: The Mac Lab will soon be purchasing a new product. Great news since we can use applications like GameSalad on it.

Hatching an Idea

2/11/10: I am currently working on finishing the Valhalla building illustration even though the poster project was canceled since we didn’t have enough time to finish. But with the advice of Kyle R., he told me to save this illustration for future projects. We may have not finished but we learned our mistakes as to not repeat them again. Also, I am trying to finish the large illustration as well.

2/10/10: So I was a little bored in class where it just drew some weird things. I knew the instant I looked at it that it would look very interesting in Illustrator. This is what led to me to creating this which led to this, this, and this, then this. It was weird experiment with circles which is the only thing I used besides pathfinder. It developed to an apostrophe-looking thing which I used to make patterns with it. Skocko applaud it which led to play around with it more to from a strange bird figure. I am currently playing around with the colors as Skocko disapproves of the colors(red and blue). I still have many things to do but I’m not going to just abandon some ideas that spark mentally. I will add these to my gravatar challenge and will possibly make a favicon out of it. Keep checking this blog folks!

Current Project

2/09/10: I’m focusing on finishing the Valhalla poster. I’m trying to make it look a little realistic as well. It will indeed have candles on top of it. That’s all that I can tell you right now. The cake illustration was made with mesh as an experiment  but it looks realistic and edible. Go ahead! Munch on the screen!

2/06/10: I am continuing to finish my projects. I’m trying to experiment with the Valhalla Birthday poster, making two versions of it. I need to finish my Illustration but some things do need high priority. I also can’t miss time for homework and studies so this kill a lot of time. I wish I could have more time but I can’t so I got to work one thing at a time. Michael W. has plans for us to make a collaborative project but we need to decide upon what to make . We agreed will definitely use Dropbox to share a folder for our work.

As Chris C. mentioned in this blog post, I am working with him on the Valhalla Birthday Poster. He has been using the Canon 5D Mark II Digital Camera to take high quality pictures of the Valhalla building. First he took a grainy picture of it so he offered to redo it and take a better one, that’s what I will be working on as of now. Kyle W. is helping with the typography and layout of the poster. Kyle R. is the ASB consultant so he tells us how it wants it too look. Valhalla’s Birthday Bash will celebrated on February 12 where the Valhalla building will turn 35 years old-I thought it was older than that. Anyways, hope you’ll keep checking the blog to see the finished product.

UPDATE: We’ll be soon reaching 1000 hits thanks to you guys. So keep hitting up this blog and help me reach 2000 next.

  • We finally reached 1000 hits thanks to your daily (or however you visit this bl0g) visits. Keep it up guys and help me reach 2000(I wanna beat Chris C. but that’ll be a challenge).
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