Hatching an Idea

2/11/10: I am currently working on finishing the Valhalla building illustration even though the poster project was canceled since we didn’t have enough time to finish. But with the advice of Kyle R., he told me to save this illustration for future projects. We may have not finished but we learned our mistakes as to not repeat them again. Also, I am trying to finish the large illustration as well.

2/10/10: So I was a little bored in class where it just drew some weird things. I knew the instant I looked at it that it would look very interesting in Illustrator. This is what led to me to creating this which led to this, this, and this, then this. It was weird experiment with circles which is the only thing I used besides pathfinder. It developed to an apostrophe-looking thing which I used to make patterns with it. Skocko applaud it which led to play around with it more to from a strange bird figure. I am currently playing around with the colors as Skocko disapproves of the colors(red and blue). I still have many things to do but I’m not going to just abandon some ideas that spark mentally. I will add these to my gravatar challenge and will possibly make a favicon out of it. Keep checking this blog folks!


About Fadi G.

I am a digital artist and I hope to push the bounds of creativity. I will produce videos, illustrations, animations, and more interesting things.

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  1. Christopher Canel

    Very cool. I REALLY like the idea.

    Just explain to me why you weren’t working on the valhalla birthday poster?

  2. Speaking of which, will it be ready to go for print by the end of tomorrow?

  3. Are you done with the VHS Birthday pen tooling? Can I have the file?

  4. =[ =_[ =( =_( 😦 :_(.

  5. Not disapproving of the colors, just encouraging you to try others. I love how you play with line, shape, form, color…

    Hey, those terms sound familiar! 😉

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