Saturday Slumber

2/16/10: I  am still working on unfinished projects like the Valhalla building and the big illustration. I have done new sketches and I will try to get them on Illustrator soon enough.

2/14/10: I will be very busy today with homework so I won’t doing any work on Illustrator…argh! But I’ll try to work on some of my sketches and maybe I’ll think of some tutorials for you guys.

2/13/10: It is saturday morning in the Mac Lab which means only one thing, 5 hours of fun (technically 5 3/4 hours). I was designing a lot of things last night but I guess that led to me to wake up late. I will have a new page for unfinished illustrations/projects. I will also make a new page for my sketches.

Kyle W. and I have decided that we were going to make iPhone Applications to eventually make things to sell. This blog post features an iPhone “Application” I drew to show what I was talking about. We are also going to be using GameSalad(only for Mac) in not Torque(2d) to make games for the iPhone. Thanks for visiting again.

Great News: The Mac Lab will soon be purchasing a new product. Great news since we can use applications like GameSalad on it.


About Fadi G.

I am a digital artist and I hope to push the bounds of creativity. I will produce videos, illustrations, animations, and more interesting things.

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  1. Wasn’t the **** thing supposed to be on the down-low fadi..?

    and he only will if we make apps for it

  2. and the iphone “application” is a dead link. and Torque(2d) goes to where exactly? and why?

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