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A 10 Hour Saturday School

This blog post features a camera icon that will be used in my soon-to-be-finished AME brochure. I will also upload it into the box widget on the right.

Today was an exciting Saturday and I couldn’t it have been any better or different.

I arrived at school near 7:00 and came upon a group of students/friends waiting outside the door that leads to Skocko’s room. Unknowingly, I have arrived at a time where Danny O. was trying to film his ASB Dodgeball video which will be up soon. Intentionally I wanted to go straight to work in the computer lab but I decided to stay and help out Danny since his co-Producer James Wirig failed to come in early(he was sleeping) so he was an hour late. We all yelled at him later. I helped out bring in and out equipment and help block lighting from hitting the lens. I managed to take some pictures/videos that will likely going to be in the making¬† of the dodgeball video.

I also messed around and Skateboarding the whole time, usually interrupting filming. I even tried taking pictures while skateboarding which was a success but led to some bad quality images. Everyone was hitting each other with the dodgeball;l it was no wonder why we had to take about 7 hours to film the whole thing (5:30-12:00).

After that, we took R&R-drank some soda and ate some pizza and uploaded the video. People stayed till 2:00 where mostly everyone left while Danny O., Chris C., and I went to film Thoroughly Modern Millie (2:00-5:00). It was a wonderfully performed play which really made this Saturday school the best-though I barely did any work at all.


Late Post Long Week

3/17/10: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and may I hope that you wore green today-too bad I didn’t-so that you won’t get pinched by everyone in school-my arms feel like mosquitoes bit it.

Today I fixed up the badges/buttons using only blue, orange, and white colors as the Admins wanted it that way. I am working on the AME brochure right now and I have more of an idea how to set it up after Skock showed some other similar brochures. Kyle and I have teamed up to make websites-using WordPress-for Mrs. Arnold’s Art Gallery and for Mr. Gilwee’s Yearkbook request. My next job will be helping the theatre by making a Medieval Poster. I also wish to create a “The Student Creative” logo. I forgot to mention that several of our camp lead posters (made by Kyle W. and I) are printed and will be hanged around the school.

We have made a website for Mrs. Arnolds which is now up and running. Come visit it using this link.

3/16/10: Fixed up my badge/button picture for the jobs and hopefully it should be printed-roughly in the morning-tomorrow. The only changes I made was making a part of the button blue.

3/15/10: Sorry I have been gone so long but I got a lot of stuff to tell you today. I didn’t really have time to post as I was busy doing homework and my take-home test from AP Chemistry. Boy was that a doozy.It’s okay now, it’s finally over with now to work on some more stuff.

I was noticing the jobs on Monday of last week and I couldn’t help but want to try to sign up for all of them. So Kyle W. and I went around the school collected information from different teachers such as Mrs. White for her Camp Lead poster and Mr. Gilwee for his yearbook website design, etc. Kyle and I are just about finished with the Camp Lead poster, hopefully we can start on other jobs.

If you went to the blog, you can see I made some badges for the Got 840? button design job. I am currently working on a second version but Skocko is yammering on the design on my orange nation logo which I hope will be finished and finally be approved. 2 jobs down now so I am continuing to work on the 840 api poster, a sign is already finished.

Exciting news as Skocko announced that he would be purchasing licenses for the Z-brush sculpting program which can make such realistic images. I am dying to try it out. I would really want to make some realistic creatures.

Text Distort Tip

Sorry, been a while, but let’s get rolling on this new tip. Today I will show you how to adjust your text with a simple distort option similar to the last one I did about the tire.


1. Use the text tool to write anything you want. I wrote Wave Ave. just cause we are going to do a wave like effect.

2. Draw a rectangle around the text it’s better if you don’t draw it yourself or things can’t get a little screwy just like if you’re using gradient mesh-you draw a rectangle first.

3. Select both of these and go to Object>Envelope Distort>Make with Top Object. Learn the shortcut if you want to save time.

4. Now just play around with the handle(this is way better than using type on path since you have a mix of large and small letters).

Changing Paths

Lately I’ve been feeling that I’m climbing many stairs and have no clear direction of which path to take. Sometimes there are obstacles on the way and sometimes paths do merge.

Today I was bored and recreated another face sketch in Illustrator. Right now I have no time to work on illustrations but I’m trying to work on as many things as I can so I can finish them all later. I have updated this website’s theme; I hope you’ll like it. My current focus is directed to my newest sketch but I’ll also give some attention to the desktop. I won’t get involved in any lightpainting till later perphaps in the future. I wanted to create an animation for the 5 Stages of the Creative Process song but that’ll be later too till I finish these hard projects first.

UPDATES: There is a new Macbloggian(ya I said it) out there. Say hello to Zack Tatar. This means there will be another link in my blogroll. Check out his blog anytime. Also will be hitting 2000 hits soon, jeez-laweeze…finally! Help me get over 2000 hits today! Also new tip coming up since a friend asked me how to do a specific thing in Illustrator.

3/3/10: Still working on my “castle”(temporary name)¬† illustration, I’ll stop working on it as soon as I get half of it done then switch to making icons again.

3/4/10: 5 hits away from reaching 2000 hits. Tip will be coming soon.

3/7/10: Reached over 2000 hits thank to you guys. I was blinded by homework,projects, and other things to notice. I got to try out a new intuos4 Wacom tabelt(medium) that Skocko ordered in the MacLab. I was pretty interesting and changed my workflow a bit. I promise to make a new tip on monday and it will be about another envelope/distort trick. I likely make a page for resources to use soon. That’s it for now, check back later.

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