Changing Paths

Lately I’ve been feeling that I’m climbing many stairs and have no clear direction of which path to take. Sometimes there are obstacles on the way and sometimes paths do merge.

Today I was bored and recreated another face sketch in Illustrator. Right now I have no time to work on illustrations but I’m trying to work on as many things as I can so I can finish them all later. I have updated this website’s theme; I hope you’ll like it. My current focus is directed to my newest sketch but I’ll also give some attention to the desktop. I won’t get involved in any lightpainting till later perphaps in the future. I wanted to create an animation for the 5 Stages of the Creative Process song but that’ll be later too till I finish these hard projects first.

UPDATES: There is a new Macbloggian(ya I said it) out there. Say hello to Zack Tatar. This means there will be another link in my blogroll. Check out his blog anytime. Also will be hitting 2000 hits soon, jeez-laweeze…finally! Help me get over 2000 hits today! Also new tip coming up since a friend asked me how to do a specific thing in Illustrator.

3/3/10: Still working on my “castle”(temporary name)  illustration, I’ll stop working on it as soon as I get half of it done then switch to making icons again.

3/4/10: 5 hits away from reaching 2000 hits. Tip will be coming soon.

3/7/10: Reached over 2000 hits thank to you guys. I was blinded by homework,projects, and other things to notice. I got to try out a new intuos4 Wacom tabelt(medium) that Skocko ordered in the MacLab. I was pretty interesting and changed my workflow a bit. I promise to make a new tip on monday and it will be about another envelope/distort trick. I likely make a page for resources to use soon. That’s it for now, check back later.


About Fadi G.

I am a digital artist and I hope to push the bounds of creativity. I will produce videos, illustrations, animations, and more interesting things.

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  1. Look at the Information widget in the right sidebar. What’s wrong?

  2. What will the new tip be?

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