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iPad Vectors

I am currently working on the iPad replication in Illustrator as well as working on the Mac Lab Book design. There is no definite approach to this  iPad project as I randomly choose what to finish and what to do next. I did manage to finish these two icons which I’ll upload the illustrator files/pictures if anyone needs them. I’ll continue to update on the progress of this project. I don’t have to tell you it’s not finished yet but I’ll tell you that I’ll finish it in a matter of 1-2 weeks.


More Menus

Congratulations to Chris C., Phillip B., and Zack T. for being in the art-show and winning awards. I couldn’t make it but I wish I could have. I was going to be in there but Skocko rejected my two self-potraits claiming one had a floating nose and the other was too photo-realistic. This was my expression:   (T-T)<–click for the other expression.

I just checked the blog a little while earlier to find my menus on the jobs page as well as my senior awards packet. But it seems we have more competitors for the job. Phillip B. already has his up, as well Kate and almost-there James.

I was going to upload a little earlier (before they showed up on the blog) but I always forget to create outlines on the text and to make it into .jpg in the MacLab but FINALLY I did it. Sorry guys, won’t happen again.

A new job ran into and now I have to create a realistic graphic recreation of an iPad but that’ll be a piece of cake. Hint: iParent.

I redid the Grossmont Union High school District logo with the Pen-tool for anyone who wants to incorporate into their menus if they prefer not resizing the picture into highly pixilated sizes. Download via BOX. ——>


It’s CST week and I have missed out a lot of time from the Mac Lab. I am still working on my menu but that was interrupted when Skocko gave me a job which was to redesign the Senior Awards packet. I thought I had some decent time to work on it so I just played around yesterday. Unexpectedly I would find out harsh truth the next day.

When I came to my CST class today (which was Period 5 (Digital Arts)), I sat down to find a note placed on my computer. It said, “Fadi, see Mrs.Rixon.” And so I did, but when I got there, Mrs.Rixon instantly asks where is the print. I was not done yet for I didn’t know it was due today. I had none but two hours to crank out everything I got to finish this in time. When I returned to the Mac Lab, I informed Skocko of my predicament. To myself I was thinking I might not have enough time but Skocko replied that he believes that it would be no problem for me. I came to believe when I started working fast to finish it.

I first used a serif font-like on the original packet I got-but soon I would change it to a Century Gothic font. I then wrote the address as three separate lines but Skocko insisted on making it smaller so we made it two lines (the bottom line was shrunk and tracked). I added my name just because I was told I could. Then I worked on the emblem (using my previous version from the AVID shirt) to make it black and white. I added a shadow effect and made it look similar to a playing card. Finally, I added this ———★——— thinking it would make it look good. I presented this to Mrs. Rixon and she loved but still needed to redo the back of the packet as well. So I redesigned the back and added this (———★———) again. I took it back to Mrs.Rixon but since the printer was having problems I decided to print in the Mac Lab. I printed the two pictures on one page and it came it out nice. Lastly, I took it back to Mrs.Rixon and she was very pleased with it. Another satisfied Mac Lab customer.

A new project is headed my way but right now I don’t know anything about it but that doesn’t matter right now. Also, I might post a new tip/tutorial soon but I’m not decided on which it will be so stay tuned.

What’s on the menu today?

This week was mostly about getting read for the CST yet I spent most of the time-in the MacLab-redesigning the Palm Cafe lunch menu which was a job I thought would be fun. So far I have two designs. This first, as you can see, is a little too fun/colorful which is why I decided to make another one. I almost finished my 2nd but I will definitely have it complete soon enough. After I finish my 2nd one, I’ll probably hit some more jobs and finish up some illustrations. Also, my Earth Day poster got printed as well as the 840 poster(which I helped with in pen-tooling somethings).

The district art show submissions will be due Monday, but I’m not sure what to submit in. I would choose my big illustration if it was finished(but maybe I can still complete it in time).

If you haven’t seen Iron Man 2, you should. It was awesome and enjoyable (I went to see it last Saturday). Go see it when you have the chance.

5/15/10: Haven’t finished the menu yet, but there’s no rush. I was also asked to create a graphic of Michael Jackson’s pose which I’ll add to my things-to-do list. I will also try to study for my next CST which is also Monday. I’ll be sure to upload my MJ graphic and menu soon enough. Have patience people!


If your one of the few that remember, I created this big Illustrator project for the Final project showing all skills I learned in Illustrator and such. It was created in Illustrator CS3 then was brought into CS4. Now I’m working on my current Illustrator project which was made in CS4 and now is being brought into CS5. I hope to finish my current piece soon so I can continue the streak of producing giant, surreal, art-collage type of Illustration. I hope that when I get good enough in  Photoshop and Illustrator, that I could remake into something so life-like and realistic. I found that guy’s work while browsing through random stuff on deviant-art. Man! I wish I could learn to do that. Given the limited amount of time in the Mac-lab, I don’t think I’ll ever have any time to do something like this but maybe I will learn when I go to art school or something.

I definitely want to add more depth with my future Illustrator projects with the help of Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and ZBrush which I will watch tutorials of later. But making anything realistic in Illustrator is tough if you do it without gradient mesh but right now, I just want to finish all the projects and continue to take on jobs.

P.S. I was going to upload an image of the menu(WIP) I redesigned, but I guess dropbox didn’t sync it in time(bad dropbox!).

posters, Posters, POSTERS

Lately I’ve been putting a lot of time into posters yet I can’t seem to finish them. One important I did last year was the Chemistry poster I made for my AP Chemistry class (hooray for extra credit). Skocko wants my Earth Day poster so he can print but he complained about the size (it’s always a feud). I also have to finish my AVID poster and not-to-mention, creating a color theory poster which was basically my only true homework in the MacLab. I also got started on designing a Palm Café lunch menu which is looking good so far. I hope I can get at least one poster printed by tomorrow.

P.S. I got 313 hits yesterday on my website when Skocko linked to my tutorial page on his blog. What a good day that was!

Dive into CS5

This picture is a poster made by Kyle W. and I for Mrs.White. Poster design will be a little more easier now with CS5. We got CS5 on Friday, but it’s not a trial version BUT will get the full version before/after it expires and we’re also covered for CS6 whenever that comes out. CS5 is amazing and I say that after touching the new features of Illustrator CS5 and Photoshop CS5 and I’m loving the content aware fill already as well as the width tool. The only thing that ticks me off is that I still have to outline the stroke to make it have a gradient since normal stroke can be one color.  Shapebuilder also makes thing a little bit easier than the normal method of using pathfinder(which might go extinct as shapebuilder devours it).

Monday: I was put in charge of making a poster for PTO who need posters/banners that promote kids being supplied food to students who don’t get to eat breakfast in the morning. I did not wish to do it but he insist that I do because he sits on his-so-called PowerChair. Anyways, I’m still trying to make color-theory poster as well as finishing the AVID poster.

Tuesday: Same as usual, working on icons and posters. I plan to make tutorials for Illustrator CS5 soon when I get finished making posters. Chris C. and Kyle W. are working hard on the “top-secret poster” for the school. The 3-d cityscape on the poster is cool but lacking color still. The file is huge and takes a while to save and so they barely make any progress on it which sounds like my big Illustrator project. I plan to finish the AVID poster by the end of this week so we can print it. I also will fix somethings in my EarthDay poster so we can print those out as well.  Don’t time to do anything today though since I have an arabic class in a few minutes so I guess I’ll a little bit harder tomorrow.

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