It’s CST week and I have missed out a lot of time from the Mac Lab. I am still working on my menu but that was interrupted when Skocko gave me a job which was to redesign the Senior Awards packet. I thought I had some decent time to work on it so I just played around yesterday. Unexpectedly I would find out harsh truth the next day.

When I came to my CST class today (which was Period 5 (Digital Arts)), I sat down to find a note placed on my computer. It said, “Fadi, see Mrs.Rixon.” And so I did, but when I got there, Mrs.Rixon instantly asks where is the print. I was not done yet for I didn’t know it was due today. I had none but two hours to crank out everything I got to finish this in time. When I returned to the Mac Lab, I informed Skocko of my predicament. To myself I was thinking I might not have enough time but Skocko replied that he believes that it would be no problem for me. I came to believe when I started working fast to finish it.

I first used a serif font-like on the original packet I got-but soon I would change it to a Century Gothic font. I then wrote the address as three separate lines but Skocko insisted on making it smaller so we made it two lines (the bottom line was shrunk and tracked). I added my name just because I was told I could. Then I worked on the emblem (using my previous version from the AVID shirt) to make it black and white. I added a shadow effect and made it look similar to a playing card. Finally, I added this ———★——— thinking it would make it look good. I presented this to Mrs. Rixon and she loved but still needed to redo the back of the packet as well. So I redesigned the back and added this (———★———) again. I took it back to Mrs.Rixon but since the printer was having problems I decided to print in the Mac Lab. I printed the two pictures on one page and it came it out nice. Lastly, I took it back to Mrs.Rixon and she was very pleased with it. Another satisfied Mac Lab customer.

A new project is headed my way but right now I don’t know anything about it but that doesn’t matter right now. Also, I might post a new tip/tutorial soon but I’m not decided on which it will be so stay tuned.


About Fadi G.

I am a digital artist and I hope to push the bounds of creativity. I will produce videos, illustrations, animations, and more interesting things.

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