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Better Versions

Just some a better version of the notecard and poster. In these versions, you can see I added more information such as the keynote presentation. I also spent lost of time using grids to get everything in place right. I also fixed a vector GUHSD icon that I made a while ago for the menu job.



I fixed the poster and I also created the notecards. I resized the poster so it would be 11″ by 17″. I made the notecard 4.5″ by 6″ and created slightly different graphics than those I used for the poster. I just need some criticism so I can fix anything wrong with them.

iParent Poster Rough Draft

Here’s the “quick” poster I made for iParent. It took a while and I don’t know if they still want it. I was feeling sick today and hope I can still watch some fireworks. Hopefully, I can be done with the iParents job.

iParent Pictures

Here’s the iPad I recreated in Illustrator w/ livetrace and the icon I made. I’m starting on the poster as well so that’ll take me some time as well. I’ll make them downloadable if anyone wants the .ai files.


Sorry I’ve been gone for a while but I been on a vacation with my family. I had a fun time spending my first week of summer. I’m was on R&R for some few days. I didn’t get time to check on the blog or draw anything but I’ll be sure to check on everything today. I plan to search for a lot of scholarships, enter contests(logos and such), and do some jobs. I’ll probably update FJ Studios soon as well. As for the iParent, oh curd!

Working on iParent as we speak.

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