Sorry I’ve been gone for a while but I been on a vacation with my family. I had a fun time spending my first week of summer. I’m was on R&R for some few days. I didn’t get time to check on the blog or draw anything but I’ll be sure to check on everything today. I plan to search for a lot of scholarships, enter contests(logos and such), and do some jobs. I’ll probably update FJ Studios soon as well. As for the iParent, oh curd!

Working on iParent as we speak.


About Fadi G.

I am a digital artist and I hope to push the bounds of creativity. I will produce videos, illustrations, animations, and more interesting things.

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  1. How is iParent looking?

  2. Fadi, Skocko said that you had a good start but some problems with the text. So if you actually check the comments on the blog, you’ll notice that James and I had requested YOUR layout so we can help YOU with the poster. So go back and check the comments and then say no one is helping.

    • I would’ve thought you would already have done some kind of layout regardless of what I have done using some of the iParent info from the jobs page. Besides, James was supposed to do the layout since we teamed up for this job.

  3. Well, the whole plan of me helping was with the text. So if you have any problem with the text send me a JPG and I’ll take a look at it and I’ll try to create a good layout for you. But if you don’t send me anything, then I’ll have to create a new poster, in which I don’t want to because I can’t go to the library everyday and I actually don’t have any idea of how to do it.

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