“3-D” Text Part 1

I wanted to post this earlier, but due to internet problems (finally resolved) I will finally post this today.

Today we will be making 3-D text as a request from a student I was helping earlier. Some applications of this tutorial can be seen here in my poster where you can see the 3-D text is combined with a faded shadow.

This tutorial will guide you in the first part of making the 3-D text. The second part is optional and only adds more interesting effects.

What You’ll Be Making:


  • Illustrator CS4/5
  • Blend-Tool
  • Gradients/Fills
  • Slight experience w/ Illustrator


1. A. Use the Text Tool to type out a text.  B. Give the text any color.

2. A. Copy-drag (by holding option/alt and then releasing it) the text twice to anywhere else on the screen. B. Give different colors to each of the copies but try to make them darker shades of the original text’s color.

3. A. Press W to bring up the Blend-Tool. Click one of the cloned text then click the other cloned text to make a blend. B. Double-click the Blend-Tool icon in the toolbar to bring up the settings. When the window pop ups, change the spacing to specified steps. Enter 50 for the steps to ensure a smooth blend but this will vary on how far your two blended objects are. C. You should get something like you see below.

4. A. In case your blend is facing the wrong way, adjust the arrangement of one part of blend by selecting (double-clicking the object) that part then right-clicking and choosing either Arrange>Send Backward/Bring ForwardB. You should see the blend change to your correct arrangement.

5. A. Scale one of the parts of the blend while holding option/alt+shift to maintain its proportions. This adds a sense of depth/perceptive.  B. Move the blended-objects closer together if you haven’t done so already (this insures a smoother blend).

6 A. Move the blend back onto our original text. B. Make sure the blend is selected and right-click and choose Arrange>Send to Back. C. Check to see if you’ve gotten something similar to what you see below.

We will continue off with Part 2 tomorrow.


About Fadi G.

I am a digital artist and I hope to push the bounds of creativity. I will produce videos, illustrations, animations, and more interesting things.

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