Aperture Symbol Tutorial

There are many kinds of symbols in the world but it’s sometimes tricky to know where to start with recreating one. There are multiples to recreate something and no one method is truly the best.

Today you will learn how to make a symbol aperture symbol.

What You’ll Be Making:


  • Illustrator
  • Polygon Tool
  • ShapeBuilder or PathFinder
  • Strokes
  • Elipse Tool
  • Rotate Tool


1. Press L to bring up the Ellipse Tool. Hold option or alt to constrain your proportions to a circle. Draw a big circle with any color you want but preferably black.

2. A. Hold the little black arrow near the Ellipse Tool to bring up a sub-menu with other tools in it. Select the tool that looks like a hexagon. This is our Polygon Tool.

B. Click the Polygon Tool then click anywhere on your workspace to bring up a window. Ignore the radius but do change the sides to 8 since we need an octagon.

C. Resize the octagon if needed. Don’t make the octagon too big or too small. Make it small as half the circle.

D. Draw some guides or use rulers to divide the circle into 4 equal parts. Place the octagon dead center in the circle (and guides).

3. A. Draw a guide that goes through the octagon’s top side.

B. Click R to bring up the ruler tool. Select the guide that goes through the octagon’s top side, then place the rotation point in center of the guides and circles.

C. Hold your left mouse button and drag while holding Shift+Option/Alt to make copies of the guide in a 45° angle. This clone of the guide should intersect a side of the octagon. Press Command+D or Ctrl+D to duplicate your process and produce more copies of the guide. Do this till you have 8 guides intersecting the octagon.

4. NOTE: If lacking the Shape Builder Tool, use the pathfinder. Go to Window>Pathfinder to open the Pathfinder tab. Select everything, then click the Divide button to divide all the guides, octagon, and circle together and delete certain portions by selecting areas with the white arrow and then pressing the delete key. Also, shift-click on objects then press the Unite button to combine those objects together.

A. Press Shift+M to bring up the Shape Builder Tool. The cursor should turn into a plus sign (that means we’re going to add objects together).

B. Click and drag a line intersecting the shapes you want to merge. Merge certain shapes to get a combined triangle shape as you seen in the picture below.

C. Repeat this process 7 more times to get our 8 triangle shapes.

D. Hold Option/Alt to make the cursor into a Minus shape. This will let us delete portions instead of adding them. Now use this to delete the octagon shape and all other unnecessary objects.

5. Now add or change each triangles strokes to white to add more substance to this symbol.

Some symbols may look easy to create but sometimes it’s tricky to get started.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned something new.


About Fadi G.

I am a digital artist and I hope to push the bounds of creativity. I will produce videos, illustrations, animations, and more interesting things.

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  1. Thanks I did it.. Good Tutorial !!!

  2. Good. Help me a lot.

  3. Will Knot B. Revealed Snr.

    Brilliant work. Many thanks for sharing Fadi G 🙂

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