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Vector Orb Tutorial Preview

Sorry for not posting a tutorial sooner but I promise to give you one today. I been having computer problems at home but I finally managed to fix things. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a vector bubble/orb/sphere with some shadows, highlights, and masks. Will post the complete tutorial in a few hours.


“3-D” Shadow Tip

Just an easy way to make “3-D” shadows unlike regular drop shadows that don’t connect the vertices of the letters/objects.

Materials: Illustrator CS3/4/5 Blend-Tool

Steps: Follow instructions and click the pictures for reference.

1. Create some text using the Text-tool. Write anything you want, I used FaDesigns.

2. Click the text and hold (PC: Shift+Alt,Mac: Option+Alt) to drag a copy. Set it down anywhere, I prefer at the bottom of it. Also, let’s change it’s color to black.

3. Right click the copied-text and choose Create Outlines.

4. Drag another copy, preferably, diagonally to it.

5. Get the Blend-Tool(W) and click one of the black text then the other.

6. Double click the Blend-Tool in the Tool-box. Now a window should pop out. Set the spacing to specified steps.  Then set the steps to about 20. The larger the number, the smoother the blend, the more work for the computer to process. So 20 is about good enough for blends like these.

7. We’re not done yet. Right click the blended text(“3-D shadow) and choose Arrange>Send to Back (PC: Shift+Ctrl+[ , Mac: Cmd + Shft + [ ).

8. Now drag the shadow over(under) the original text and you got yourself a cool effect. Try this fun experiment yourself!

An End but a New Beginning

The school year is almost over and there is just one more day left until summer vacation. I’m feeling so frustrated, anxious, and happy at the same time. Today was my last day to work on my Mac Lab final and I’m pretty sad that I didn’t get to finish one of my most important collage this year. But next year will be even better and I hope I’ll become a more professional digital artists. I so much big plans and I hate missing out on them. Good thing there will be the Mac Lab Summer Academy-this should keep me busy for a while. I also have the Adobe products right here at home so I can start creating things on my own time. I can’t wait to see the finished Mac Lab iBook when it’s all sorted out and put together.

The featured image here was a cover page I designed for my student chapter. I had to redo the design a couple of times since I wanted it to look good.

More iCons

Just a little update showing how many more application icons I recreated in Illustrator. Top Left: AppStore, Top Right: Settings, Bottom Left: Photos, and Bottom Right: iPod.

Dive into CS5

This picture is a poster made by Kyle W. and I for Mrs.White. Poster design will be a little more easier now with CS5. We got CS5 on Friday, but it’s not a trial version BUT will get the full version before/after it expires and we’re also covered for CS6 whenever that comes out. CS5 is amazing and I say that after touching the new features of Illustrator CS5 and Photoshop CS5 and I’m loving the content aware fill already as well as the width tool. The only thing that ticks me off is that I still have to outline the stroke to make it have a gradient since normal stroke can be one color.  Shapebuilder also makes thing a little bit easier than the normal method of using pathfinder(which might go extinct as shapebuilder devours it).

Monday: I was put in charge of making a poster for PTO who need posters/banners that promote kids being supplied food to students who don’t get to eat breakfast in the morning. I did not wish to do it but he insist that I do because he sits on his-so-called PowerChair. Anyways, I’m still trying to make color-theory poster as well as finishing the AVID poster.

Tuesday: Same as usual, working on icons and posters. I plan to make tutorials for Illustrator CS5 soon when I get finished making posters. Chris C. and Kyle W. are working hard on the “top-secret poster” for the school. The 3-d cityscape on the poster is cool but lacking color still. The file is huge and takes a while to save and so they barely make any progress on it which sounds like my big Illustrator project. I plan to finish the AVID poster by the end of this week so we can print it. I also will fix somethings in my EarthDay poster so we can print those out as well.  Don’t time to do anything today though since I have an arabic class in a few minutes so I guess I’ll a little bit harder tomorrow.

The i in iTeam

4/14/10: I improved the website a little but I still need more critical information about the yearbook from Mr. Gilwee.

The Good News: Kyle W. and Chris C. finally found a way to connect the iPad to the internet. They used a recently bought app that Skocko got so we could set up a wireless connection somehow. Their first step was trying to connect the iPad to the iMac. They first tried setting up an FTp server which was a dud but then they found a type of server that worked. They messed around some more especially in the network/sharing settings and enabled internet sharing which finally connected the iPad wirelessly to the internet. It proved succesful as we could move around files back and forth and use Safari on it as well.

The Bad News: We could only connect to one computer at a time so we still don’t know how to connect all of the computers at once.

4/13/10: I’m working on creating the website for the Valhalla yearbook and I already have the site up and running with the favicon made so all I have to finish is to put up some information about the yearbook.

4/12/10: I been working more on the Mac Lab Media logo than any other thing so far. I plant to finish it soon and this picture is just a WIP(work-in-progress). It is supposed to be the cover for the soon-to-be-published MacLab book. I plant to add the phrase “Where new media artist are born” followed by the author’s name.

The iPad team(currently Kyle W. and Chris C.) are working to make our test iBook functional. So far they have failed to upload a short flash animation that works when you get to the page its on. I want to help them soon after I finish the cover and also after I make the website for the Valhalla yearbook which people are bugging me about.

Also, I just went to Adobe’s website and checked out the new features in Illustrator CS5 and I gotta say it’s pretty wild. I can’t wait to try it out.

Outline Tutorial Version 2

4/10/10: Mac Lab Saturday School again. I’m hoping to finish the Mac Lab Book cover. I plant to use the MLM Logo to make into 3D and that will be put on to the Mac Lab Book cover.  I will need to watch some tutorials first for the 3d mini-project. I plant to also finish writing a chapter before Monday. You probably that the Mac Lab has an iPad and that we won’t use it till we get WiFi on it. Maybe after that, I’ll plant to finish my “Big Illustration”.

4/9/10: Working on the Mac Lab Book cover that we will all soon be featured when every students writes his or her chapter.

4/8/10: This may seen like the last one but I assure you that’s its slightly different and you can use this trick to create infinite amount of stokes!

Requirements: Adobe Illustrator CS3-CS4  Slight Knowledge of Illustrator  Good Fonts to Use

NOTE: The steps that are written and not the same steps I used to make the final image.

STEPS: 1. Create a new Illustrator document (any size) and use the text tool to write anything you want (wrote Fadi again).

2. Create outlines of the text(right click<create outlines), copy and paste in front(Command+F), then lock it(the font one).

3. Make the back text have a stroke of about 40 with any color you want(a nice orange for me).

4. Go to Object>Unlock All and now ungroup each text(front and back) and then kern them very close.

5. Lock the front part again and then select the back text then go to Object>Path>Outline Stroke.

6. Set the new stroke to about 7 with any color you want(I chose black).

7. Now you’ll have something similar to ones you see on TV with multiple strokes and such.

Blend Tool Tip

As I was instructing Christian to help with the bottom part of my illustration. He was very surprised as I showed him a “new” trick. I showed him how to use the blend tool on part of my waves illustrations.

How to Use Blend Tool:

  • Make an object(normal or irregular) then just make a copy and shrink it(also change the color).
  • Select the blend tool and click the big shape then the smaller shape.
  • Play around with other Blend Tool settings (I picked steps and wrote 2.3)

A “break” from work

Finals just reared its head but I did fairly good on my presentation in my Digital Arts class (period 5) and 3D animation class (period 7). I had all that I needed to present (logos, posters, etc.) and I stuck to what my plan was in the beginning of the year where I said I was going to get more skilled in Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D, and-last but not least-Unity 3D(free). I will try to get better as time breezes through the doors of the Mac Lab. Since of the unruly final’s schedule, I will resume work in the Mac Lab wednesday. That’s it for now, keep checking the blog!

Update: To get my second self-portrait printed on the wall, I have to resize and move 520 of these “boxes” individually including the compound path (gradient background) as well. So…much…work.

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