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Re: Senior

Not only did I redo the buttons from Junior year but I also recreated the Senior Awards Evening covers for Senior graduation. I have many tutorials to post but I’ll start with a “Making a…” first with one object you can see in the picture.


New Years Revolution

Sorry for not posting much information/tutorial during Christmas Break but I was terribly sick and had to bear with Pneumonia. I’m feeling better now and I can’t wait to produce more spectacular art this year.

Current projects i am working as of now include: Desktop Wallpaper Calendar, logos, self-portraits, secret project (with Phillip), etc.

I plan to also develop a simple game in Unity later in the year.

Since I didn’t make any tutorials during the break, I’ll post some new ones starting tomorrow (gradient tip *cough*).

It also fun meeting my old friend Ben Dulay today in the Mac Lab. If you have time, check his blog later (he made it today).

P.S. Sorry for accidentally deleting someone’s comment on my logos (it was marked as spam).

Update 2

Sorry hat I haven’t posted in a while but I will make it up.

ZIPBUDS: So you’ve probably heard that I helped with the ZipBuds ad if you’ve read the Mac Lab post a week ago. I did help in a small part (helping make 3-D version of a company’s  icon vector file). I was asked if I could manage it to make a 3-D Extruded ZipBud icon by Steven Moyer  (alum). Though it was tricky to bypass the grey boxes you get from glows/effects, I saved day by using clipping masks. Phillip also tried to do an extruded Zipbud but failed (again grey boxes from Zipbuds) but he manage to make a good psd version. Either way, Steven Moyer still had a hard time impelling 3-D objects into Aftereffects so you won’t see it in the ad.

I didn’t just helped with the icon dilemma. I also helped in the practice shootings for the commercial in the Summer and the start of Spring semester. It was really fun shooting those silly scenes at school. At lunch time, we ate mostly pizza or just go to Alberto’s.

ELAC: I was also tasked with doing a poster and logo for  English Learner Advisory Council. Since I didn’t choose the job, only assigned, I procrastinated a lot (2 weeks) till I managed to make something good.  Just making a logo for something related to english learners was tricky enough.

DEVIANTART: I made my icons available to download on DeviantArt and I was slightly surprised by the outcome. Currently, each of my four icons (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Waterfox) averaging 50 70 downloads each. But I also fixed my icon shelves so it’s symmetrical horizontally and vertically. Download if you wish by clicking this link to my DeviantArt page.

The Icon Package

I finally manage to settle on a presentation design for my browser. They will all share the same layout and I hope to have them available to download on Friday through DeviantArt.

EDIT: Made some changes and posted the Safari icon on DeviantArt. I will upload other icons soon.

iParent Pictures

Here’s the iPad I recreated in Illustrator w/ livetrace and the icon I made. I’m starting on the poster as well so that’ll take me some time as well. I’ll make them downloadable if anyone wants the .ai files.


If your one of the few that remember, I created this big Illustrator project for the Final project showing all skills I learned in Illustrator and such. It was created in Illustrator CS3 then was brought into CS4. Now I’m working on my current Illustrator project which was made in CS4 and now is being brought into CS5. I hope to finish my current piece soon so I can continue the streak of producing giant, surreal, art-collage type of Illustration. I hope that when I get good enough in  Photoshop and Illustrator, that I could remake into something so life-like and realistic. I found that guy’s work while browsing through random stuff on deviant-art. Man! I wish I could learn to do that. Given the limited amount of time in the Mac-lab, I don’t think I’ll ever have any time to do something like this but maybe I will learn when I go to art school or something.

I definitely want to add more depth with my future Illustrator projects with the help of Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and ZBrush which I will watch tutorials of later. But making anything realistic in Illustrator is tough if you do it without gradient mesh but right now, I just want to finish all the projects and continue to take on jobs.

P.S. I was going to upload an image of the menu(WIP) I redesigned, but I guess dropbox didn’t sync it in time(bad dropbox!).

Tutorials are Here!

I have done a lot of complicated things in my illustration and they all involve some useful steps in helping you be a good illustrator. I have done too many things to make tutorials of so I will just help you learn something I did on my recent updates to my illustration. So starting today I will show you how to envelope/distort a symbol on a curved surfaced giving you a nice 3D look to it. Keep checking for it guys, it’ll be up later I promise.Add an Image

Nearly done?

It seems that I have talked a lot about my illustration project but I don’t think you guys know what I’m talking about, except for the people I sit next to when i work on this. So it’s nowhere near finished and the Final is coming up but I’ll try to solve this mess as fast as I can. This here is just a little taste of what you guys will expect. Some people have given me really weird reasons on its designs (pollution, social hierarchy, isolation, etc.) but I’m interested in also what you guys will make of it.

Careers in Mind

Monday morning, I’m really planning big on some projects happening now. My classmates (Kyle W., Padraic T. , and Trevor O. ) and I are working to develop a game ( for the Mac Lab). This proof of concept (of what we can do so far)  game will be on Kyle’s website for now. We trying hard to learn tutorials so we will become better programmers and designers as we each aspire to become game designers/programmers. We will be using Unity and possibly Torque for this long project.

Early Challenges

I plan to make 100 Gravatars by  the end of my school year and so far I have nailed down about 30. I also planned to finish my big illustration with 500,000 points created with Adobe Illustrator. I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

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