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District Art Show

I finished and submitted this piece to the art show. Hopefully I can win another prize like the last one from 2008.


Finals Finale

I finally got done with my finals and I can’t wait for next semester. I have so much things to work on.

As for the picture, I would like to credit Michael Weekly for his original sketch. I thought about how cool it would have looked in Illustrator which led me to ask for permission to use his design. He willingly obliged. I worked many hours on this and it is “finished” as of now.

I plan to update my galleries and other pages soon.  Look forward to that.

New Years Revolution

Sorry for not posting much information/tutorial during Christmas Break but I was terribly sick and had to bear with Pneumonia. I’m feeling better now and I can’t wait to produce more spectacular art this year.

Current projects i am working as of now include: Desktop Wallpaper Calendar, logos, self-portraits, secret project (with Phillip), etc.

I plan to also develop a simple game in Unity later in the year.

Since I didn’t make any tutorials during the break, I’ll post some new ones starting tomorrow (gradient tip *cough*).

It also fun meeting my old friend Ben Dulay today in the Mac Lab. If you have time, check his blog later (he made it today).

P.S. Sorry for accidentally deleting someone’s comment on my logos (it was marked as spam).

More Logos

Just another logo I made, I plan to make my usual 10 for my last year in the Mac Lab. I will update all my pages since they are all last year’s work.

I’m also involved in doing a secret project with Phillip.

Update 2

Sorry hat I haven’t posted in a while but I will make it up.

ZIPBUDS: So you’ve probably heard that I helped with the ZipBuds ad if you’ve read the Mac Lab post a week ago. I did help in a small part (helping make 3-D version of a company’s  icon vector file). I was asked if I could manage it to make a 3-D Extruded ZipBud icon by Steven Moyer  (alum). Though it was tricky to bypass the grey boxes you get from glows/effects, I saved day by using clipping masks. Phillip also tried to do an extruded Zipbud but failed (again grey boxes from Zipbuds) but he manage to make a good psd version. Either way, Steven Moyer still had a hard time impelling 3-D objects into Aftereffects so you won’t see it in the ad.

I didn’t just helped with the icon dilemma. I also helped in the practice shootings for the commercial in the Summer and the start of Spring semester. It was really fun shooting those silly scenes at school. At lunch time, we ate mostly pizza or just go to Alberto’s.

ELAC: I was also tasked with doing a poster and logo for  English Learner Advisory Council. Since I didn’t choose the job, only assigned, I procrastinated a lot (2 weeks) till I managed to make something good.  Just making a logo for something related to english learners was tricky enough.

DEVIANTART: I made my icons available to download on DeviantArt and I was slightly surprised by the outcome. Currently, each of my four icons (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Waterfox) averaging 50 70 downloads each. But I also fixed my icon shelves so it’s symmetrical horizontally and vertically. Download if you wish by clicking this link to my DeviantArt page.

Project Preview

Just a sample of what I’m working on and what my upcoming tutorial might be about/involve.

Also, I gave a “job” to my friend Josh to render a 3-D version of my icon shelves through Cinema 4D.

Vector Apps

Today, I present you the vector address application for the iPad. It’s not exact since I was working on small pixilated image so It’s all lot of guess work. I spent more time working on the iPad project today. I was also given a paper of what the design previously was so that also handy. I managed to talk James into helping with the project since James and I are part of the unofficial(as of yet) FJ Studio. So this will be first attempt at collaborating together to design a poster/postcards. I am doing the graphics part of the work and he is doing the writing portion of it, this is exactly how James intended it to be. I’ll continue to provide updates on this project.

On a side note, I like how the rings looked like it’s slanted, another indirect illusions I always seem to make just like the Orange Nation and its static effect.

ANNOUNCEMENT: A new tutorial is coming, possibly this week or next week-hopefully, tomorrow ;).

The i in iTeam

4/14/10: I improved the website a little but I still need more critical information about the yearbook from Mr. Gilwee.

The Good News: Kyle W. and Chris C. finally found a way to connect the iPad to the internet. They used a recently bought app that Skocko got so we could set up a wireless connection somehow. Their first step was trying to connect the iPad to the iMac. They first tried setting up an FTp server which was a dud but then they found a type of server that worked. They messed around some more especially in the network/sharing settings and enabled internet sharing which finally connected the iPad wirelessly to the internet. It proved succesful as we could move around files back and forth and use Safari on it as well.

The Bad News: We could only connect to one computer at a time so we still don’t know how to connect all of the computers at once.

4/13/10: I’m working on creating the website for the Valhalla yearbook and I already have the site up and running with the favicon made so all I have to finish is to put up some information about the yearbook.

4/12/10: I been working more on the Mac Lab Media logo than any other thing so far. I plant to finish it soon and this picture is just a WIP(work-in-progress). It is supposed to be the cover for the soon-to-be-published MacLab book. I plant to add the phrase “Where new media artist are born” followed by the author’s name.

The iPad team(currently Kyle W. and Chris C.) are working to make our test iBook functional. So far they have failed to upload a short flash animation that works when you get to the page its on. I want to help them soon after I finish the cover and also after I make the website for the Valhalla yearbook which people are bugging me about.

Also, I just went to Adobe’s website and checked out the new features in Illustrator CS5 and I gotta say it’s pretty wild. I can’t wait to try it out.

Pre…Post Spring Break

4/7/10: Sorry guys, its been awhile. Don’t ever stop checking this blog for updates. I’ll continue to update daily from now. I was still in Vacation Mode so I didn’t have time to update the blog. I’ll summarize what I did these past days right now. Monday, I worked on logo for the MacLab Media website. Here is the first version and here’s Tuesday’s version. Kyle and I also talked to Mr.Fanning for an Avid Recruitment poster that we’re working on right now. I’ll fix those later (so many problems you can see on them).

NOTE: New tutorials are coming(possible tomorrow *hint* *hint*.

4/2/10: I loved the break and it has been wonderful. First I would like to say that I wasn’t able to go to the light painting tutorial since I was busy doing something nothing important though. I spent spring break just hanging out with some friends and playing video games and such. Halo 3 for the win(om my friend’s XBox). I wasn’t able to work on anything at home so that changes from now. I decided I want to work on my projects and finsih up my gigantic illustration. However,  I did get to work with Maclabians on a real important project.

Wednesday morning(during spring break), woke at 8, played some video games, and remember I had to be at Valhalla for some filming. Time went and it finally hit 12:00 so I got a lift to Valhalla. I got there and saw no there thinking maybe so people will be there early. I waited and waited till finally one kid named Faddy arrived(short spikey-haired)and Christian came as well. We waited for the others(I spent time playing Chrisitan’s Ukulele).  Finally, we saw Danny, James, and Kyle arrive in their red car. Skocko also arrived on time to open the MacLab for us. We hauled all the gear to shoot inside Valhalla.

The video we were about to shoot was the Stop Bulling campaign. We shoot in the school near the entrance to Valhalla from the R Buildings. We got read to go and began putting up posters(made by us) in filming area. I changed clothes and we got shooting. I was the one bullied and James was the bully. It was a painful shooting as I to be constantly thrown on the wall(shoulder started hurting later). Danny kept yelling as he usually did and we just messed around as usual also. Finally we finished and we all went back in Vacation Mode.

A 10 Hour Saturday School

This blog post features a camera icon that will be used in my soon-to-be-finished AME brochure. I will also upload it into the box widget on the right.

Today was an exciting Saturday and I couldn’t it have been any better or different.

I arrived at school near 7:00 and came upon a group of students/friends waiting outside the door that leads to Skocko’s room. Unknowingly, I have arrived at a time where Danny O. was trying to film his ASB Dodgeball video which will be up soon. Intentionally I wanted to go straight to work in the computer lab but I decided to stay and help out Danny since his co-Producer James Wirig failed to come in early(he was sleeping) so he was an hour late. We all yelled at him later. I helped out bring in and out equipment and help block lighting from hitting the lens. I managed to take some pictures/videos that will likely going to be in the making  of the dodgeball video.

I also messed around and Skateboarding the whole time, usually interrupting filming. I even tried taking pictures while skateboarding which was a success but led to some bad quality images. Everyone was hitting each other with the dodgeball;l it was no wonder why we had to take about 7 hours to film the whole thing (5:30-12:00).

After that, we took R&R-drank some soda and ate some pizza and uploaded the video. People stayed till 2:00 where mostly everyone left while Danny O., Chris C., and I went to film Thoroughly Modern Millie (2:00-5:00). It was a wonderfully performed play which really made this Saturday school the best-though I barely did any work at all.

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