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Buttons are Back

I received a job some while ago to redesign the API score badge. I took some time to design two (for now) new versions of the badge. One is presented as a target. The other is designed as arrows interacting with each other to form their opposites through negative space. There might also be a new tutorial soon.

UPDATE: The Gallery page was enhanced (fixed icons) to accommodate new pages such as the WallPapers page and the Photos page.


What’s on the menu today?

This week was mostly about getting read for the CST yet I spent most of the time-in the MacLab-redesigning the Palm Cafe lunch menu which was a job I thought would be fun. So far I have two designs. This first, as you can see, is a little too fun/colorful which is why I decided to make another one. I almost finished my 2nd but I will definitely have it complete soon enough. After I finish my 2nd one, I’ll probably hit some more jobs and finish up some illustrations. Also, my Earth Day poster got printed as well as the 840 poster(which I helped with in pen-tooling somethings).

The district art show submissions will be due Monday, but I’m not sure what to submit in. I would choose my big illustration if it was finished(but maybe I can still complete it in time).

If you haven’t seen Iron Man 2, you should. It was awesome and enjoyable (I went to see it last Saturday). Go see it when you have the chance.

5/15/10: Haven’t finished the menu yet, but there’s no rush. I was also asked to create a graphic of Michael Jackson’s pose which I’ll add to my things-to-do list. I will also try to study for my next CST which is also Monday. I’ll be sure to upload my MJ graphic and menu soon enough. Have patience people!

posters, Posters, POSTERS

Lately I’ve been putting a lot of time into posters yet I can’t seem to finish them. One important I did last year was the Chemistry poster I made for my AP Chemistry class (hooray for extra credit). Skocko wants my Earth Day poster so he can print but he complained about the size (it’s always a feud). I also have to finish my AVID poster and not-to-mention, creating a color theory poster which was basically my only true homework in the MacLab. I also got started on designing a Palm Café lunch menu which is looking good so far. I hope I can get at least one poster printed by tomorrow.

P.S. I got 313 hits yesterday on my website when Skocko linked to my tutorial page on his blog. What a good day that was!

What’s New?

Monday, I recall being motivated/inspired after seeing Craig U’s Geometric Spectrum that he made as an example to color theory so at that time, I started working on that project which I won’t reveal till later. At Period 7, I decided to also work on my Earth Day poster, touching it up a little there a little that, you get the point.

Tuesday, I basically did the same thing as in Monday but mostly working on my Color Theory Poster.

Wednesday(4/28/10), I found myself making this crazy sucker-ball object after trying some experiment with color theory. People asked me how I did that(Brandon, Omar, and Collin M.). Since they wondered how to make something like this, I decided I will post a tutorial tomorrow on making something similar(maybe exact) object in Illustrator.                    Hint: Envelope Distort.                                                                                                                                                  I also made some cool Applications icons I made for Kyle W. after he told and showed me his school iPad simulation he will test in an iPad…how ironic? But hopefully I will post what they look like during Friday. Kyle W. got a real kick when he saw me putting together a mini-iPad icon. Anyways, look forward to tomorrow for a new tutorial!

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