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Logo Set #3

Some more logos, 5 & 6. I’m trying to make at least 10 logos.


Light/Shadow Effect Tutorial

Today’s tutorial is showing and guiding you and how to make a cool light/shadow effect. Simply follow these steps to produce something on the line’s of what you basically see at the end.

REQUIREMENTS: Adobe Illustrator CS3/CS4                     Slight Knowledge of Illustrator

Font VAL(just in case you want to use it-download via BOX-credits to Font Fabric for the free font)


  1. Use the text tool to create a simple text and name it anything (mine will be “Earth Day”).
  2. Select the text and create outlines. Add a special a gradient onto it if you want or know how.
  3. Copy and paste in front (Cmd+C then Cmd+F/Ctrl+C then Ctrl+F) the same text so you have two of them.
  4. Hold Option or Alt  and drag the text diagonally across.
  5. Use the Blend Tool from the tool menu to blend the two text that are far apart.
  6. Double click the Blend Tool so a menu comes up, then select steps and make the steps  about 25 or 50(computer works harder but it looks better).
  7. Make the bottom part of blend have an opacity of zero so you can see light/shadow effect. NOTE: You must double click the bottom part so you isolate it and it will only affect that bottom part.
  8. Select the top part now and make its gradient (if you added one) a little darker by adjusting it from the color menu on the right side.
  9. OPTIONAL: Add a Gaussian Blur to it if you want (10 should do it). Also  make the whole blend have an opacity of about 50. These help to make it have a better look.
  10. Lock the blend and “copy drag” the first text(behind the blend) up a little bit, then adjusts its colors so its light to have a highlight effect.
  11. Add a nice gradient background to have a finished masterpiece.

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