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iParent Pictures

Here’s the iPad I recreated in Illustrator w/ livetrace and the icon I made. I’m starting on the poster as well so that’ll take me some time as well. I’ll make them downloadable if anyone wants the .ai files.


More iCons

Just a little update showing how many more application icons I recreated in Illustrator. Top Left: AppStore, Top Right: Settings, Bottom Left: Photos, and Bottom Right: iPod.

The iPad App for the iPad

Kyle is beginning the process of becoming a coder and iPad developer, but I still haven’t followed his path yet. When we get the fully purchased iPhone SDK, I will try to help develop some applications and games with Kyle and the other developers. Since he was making an iPad simulation application, I decided to make an icon suitable to it and make it relatively funny/ironic as well. This featured picture is an icon I made and the other icon I made looks like a mini iPad. So if you’d like to see it, click here.

Also, I updated all the tutorials and tips so they are on the same page so check out the Tutorials page to see it.

What’s New?

Monday, I recall being motivated/inspired after seeing Craig U’s Geometric Spectrum that he made as an example to color theory so at that time, I started working on that project which I won’t reveal till later. At Period 7, I decided to also work on my Earth Day poster, touching it up a little there a little that, you get the point.

Tuesday, I basically did the same thing as in Monday but mostly working on my Color Theory Poster.

Wednesday(4/28/10), I found myself making this crazy sucker-ball object after trying some experiment with color theory. People asked me how I did that(Brandon, Omar, and Collin M.). Since they wondered how to make something like this, I decided I will post a tutorial tomorrow on making something similar(maybe exact) object in Illustrator.                    Hint: Envelope Distort.                                                                                                                                                  I also made some cool Applications icons I made for Kyle W. after he told and showed me his school iPad simulation he will test in an iPad…how ironic? But hopefully I will post what they look like during Friday. Kyle W. got a real kick when he saw me putting together a mini-iPad icon. Anyways, look forward to tomorrow for a new tutorial!

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