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I fixed the poster and I also created the notecards. I resized the poster so it would be 11″ by 17″. I made the notecard 4.5″ by 6″ and created slightly different graphics than those I used for the poster. I just need some criticism so I can fix anything wrong with them.


iParent Poster Rough Draft

Here’s the “quick” poster I made for iParent. It took a while and I don’t know if they still want it. I was feeling sick today and hope I can still watch some fireworks. Hopefully, I can be done with the iParents job.

iParent Pictures

Here’s the iPad I recreated in Illustrator w/ livetrace and the icon I made. I’m starting on the poster as well so that’ll take me some time as well. I’ll make them downloadable if anyone wants the .ai files.


Sorry I’ve been gone for a while but I been on a vacation with my family. I had a fun time spending my first week of summer. I’m was on R&R for some few days. I didn’t get time to check on the blog or draw anything but I’ll be sure to check on everything today. I plan to search for a lot of scholarships, enter contests(logos and such), and do some jobs. I’ll probably update FJ Studios soon as well. As for the iParent, oh curd!

Working on iParent as we speak.

More iCons

Just a little update showing how many more application icons I recreated in Illustrator. Top Left: AppStore, Top Right: Settings, Bottom Left: Photos, and Bottom Right: iPod.

iPad iCons

I have now finished 4 icons. These icons are (in reading order): maps, video, YouTube, and iTunes. They were a lot of work but I still have a lot to finish. I didn’t get to finish the tutorial right now since I was still working on the iPad. Hopefully, there will be a tutorial tomorrow.

Also, FJ Studios blog was created and I’m going to post the same information on both blogs(FJStudios and FaDesigns). I’m glad the iPad project is turning out fine with no issues so far. I also decided to make another tutorial to show how I quickly made one the icons I talked about at the beginning of the post.

I’ll upload a full image of what my iPad looks like, but it will be later this week.

Vector Apps

Today, I present you the vector address application for the iPad. It’s not exact since I was working on small pixilated image so It’s all lot of guess work. I spent more time working on the iPad project today. I was also given a paper of what the design previously was so that also handy. I managed to talk James into helping with the project since James and I are part of the unofficial(as of yet) FJ Studio. So this will be first attempt at collaborating together to design a poster/postcards. I am doing the graphics part of the work and he is doing the writing portion of it, this is exactly how James intended it to be. I’ll continue to provide updates on this project.

On a side note, I like how the rings looked like it’s slanted, another indirect illusions I always seem to make just like the Orange Nation and its static effect.

ANNOUNCEMENT: A new tutorial is coming, possibly this week or next week-hopefully, tomorrow ;).

More and More Logos

The past week, I was bombarded to design logos for Chris C., Mac Lab Media, and Local Oracle(prize competition). Chris C. came to me and asked me to make a logo for CR Design Lab in Illustrator and so I did and I came up with this. I made this one the featured image just because the other ones aren’t completed yet. The Mac Lab Media also want their logo finished so I experimented with the perspective tool and came  up with something weird but I’ll feature sooner or later. As for the last logo I was not asked/told to do  is the Local Oracle logo which is giving out a cash prize to the winner who designs the best logo. James was the one that pointed this out to me as he is trying to make cash from loads of art contests. James W. and I are finally teaming up to make a cool logo for them.

James also had a plan to make collaborative blog or something similar that will be called FJ Studios. I can’t really tell anymore than that but more info coming soon.

Note: I’m still working on the iPad project.

iPad Vectors

I am currently working on the iPad replication in Illustrator as well as working on the Mac Lab Book design. There is no definite approach to this  iPad project as I randomly choose what to finish and what to do next. I did manage to finish these two icons which I’ll upload the illustrator files/pictures if anyone needs them. I’ll continue to update on the progress of this project. I don’t have to tell you it’s not finished yet but I’ll tell you that I’ll finish it in a matter of 1-2 weeks.

More Menus

Congratulations to Chris C., Phillip B., and Zack T. for being in the art-show and winning awards. I couldn’t make it but I wish I could have. I was going to be in there but Skocko rejected my two self-potraits claiming one had a floating nose and the other was too photo-realistic. This was my expression:   (T-T)<–click for the other expression.

I just checked the blog a little while earlier to find my menus on the jobs page as well as my senior awards packet. But it seems we have more competitors for the job. Phillip B. already has his up, as well Kate and almost-there James.

I was going to upload a little earlier (before they showed up on the blog) but I always forget to create outlines on the text and to make it into .jpg in the MacLab but FINALLY I did it. Sorry guys, won’t happen again.

A new job ran into and now I have to create a realistic graphic recreation of an iPad but that’ll be a piece of cake. Hint: iParent.

I redid the Grossmont Union High school District logo with the Pen-tool for anyone who wants to incorporate into their menus if they prefer not resizing the picture into highly pixilated sizes. Download via BOX. ——>

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