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What’s New?

Monday, I recall being motivated/inspired after seeing Craig U’s Geometric Spectrum that he made as an example to color theory so at that time, I started working on that project which I won’t reveal till later. At Period 7, I decided to also work on my Earth Day poster, touching it up a little there a little that, you get the point.

Tuesday, I basically did the same thing as in Monday but mostly working on my Color Theory Poster.

Wednesday(4/28/10), I found myself making this crazy sucker-ball object after trying some experiment with color theory. People asked me how I did that(Brandon, Omar, and Collin M.). Since they wondered how to make something like this, I decided I will post a tutorial tomorrow on making something similar(maybe exact) object in Illustrator.                    Hint: Envelope Distort.                                                                                                                                                  I also made some cool Applications icons I made for Kyle W. after he told and showed me his school iPad simulation he will test in an iPad…how ironic? But hopefully I will post what they look like during Friday. Kyle W. got a real kick when he saw me putting together a mini-iPad icon. Anyways, look forward to tomorrow for a new tutorial!


AVID, Posters, and EarthDay

I wasn’t to really update the blog much and I’m sorry for that and plus I had SOOOOO much work to do but anyways, I’ll brief you up on some things.  I been asked last week to make avid posters and avid shirts. I managed to finish the AVID shirts which I had to redo over and over and over and over again since Skocko wanted me to simplify it and make sure everything’s clean. I finished that part so all that’s left is AVID poster and then I plan to get back to work on my old projects so I’ll take a break from the jobs.

The iTeam and others are currently working on a poster so earlier they asked to help photoshop some books and they wanted me to pentool the edges of the book fast so we can patch them up together. I managed to do my part and we’ll see(you and I) on how the poster will turn out.

Also on Earth Day, I was still working with the iTeam to patch the books up but I did managed to draw this cooky thing. I knew that I wanted to start with a ying-yang sign then make it earth like so I planed to use the smaller circles as a(an) lake/island and use some effects from the effect gallery to make the left side grassy and the right side “oceany?” I added some text underneath and decided to use the font VAL.  I used the font Orbitron for the date on the bottom. I used dark blue to dark purple gradient for my background. I decided it would be to plain if I don’t add “life” to it so I decided to use symbols of animals, plants, and clouds to give form to this Earth Day poster. Skocko liked it and told to fix a little. It probably needs more tweeking but I fixed some problems at least.

When I made this Earth Day poster, I decided to make a tutorial on how to make the cool light effect on the “Earth Day” that you can see in the picture. So tomorrow, be sure to check this blog for some tutorials.

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