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iParent 2011Poster and Logo

You may have noticed this bears a very similar design to the Got Plans? poster and this is due to my Got Plans? poster not being chosen as the best design choice. Since I was working on another poster for people that also managed Got Plans?, they wanted me to use the Got Plans? poster design for the iParent. I was working over the summer and met with my clients to discuss further changes to the poster. Thus, I implemented design changes such as the raffle tickets, large text/papers, placement of objects, etc. I was also asked to make a logo if it was possible. So here are the current drafts of the poster and logo.


Logo Set #3

Some more logos, 5 & 6. I’m trying to make at least 10 logos.

Logo Set #2

More logos I made and plan to put in the gallery.

More Logos

Just another logo I made, I plan to make my usual 10 for my last year in the Mac Lab. I will update all my pages since they are all last year’s work.

I’m also involved in doing a secret project with Phillip.

Logo Making

We seem to be past the Self-portrait assignment and in the midst of logo design. I have one logo design that I’ll focus my time on. Meanwhile, I’ll try to finish my self-portraits before Christmas break.

Also, I’m sure there is something similar to my Gg Icon but I don’t what it could be. Leave a comment if you know something really similar to it.

UPDATE: I will try to make at least 1 tutorial a week (posting it either Friday or Thursday) if not more.


Update 2

Sorry hat I haven’t posted in a while but I will make it up.

ZIPBUDS: So you’ve probably heard that I helped with the ZipBuds ad if you’ve read the Mac Lab post a week ago. I did help in a small part (helping make 3-D version of a company’s  icon vector file). I was asked if I could manage it to make a 3-D Extruded ZipBud icon by Steven Moyer  (alum). Though it was tricky to bypass the grey boxes you get from glows/effects, I saved day by using clipping masks. Phillip also tried to do an extruded Zipbud but failed (again grey boxes from Zipbuds) but he manage to make a good psd version. Either way, Steven Moyer still had a hard time impelling 3-D objects into Aftereffects so you won’t see it in the ad.

I didn’t just helped with the icon dilemma. I also helped in the practice shootings for the commercial in the Summer and the start of Spring semester. It was really fun shooting those silly scenes at school. At lunch time, we ate mostly pizza or just go to Alberto’s.

ELAC: I was also tasked with doing a poster and logo for  English Learner Advisory Council. Since I didn’t choose the job, only assigned, I procrastinated a lot (2 weeks) till I managed to make something good.  Just making a logo for something related to english learners was tricky enough.

DEVIANTART: I made my icons available to download on DeviantArt and I was slightly surprised by the outcome. Currently, each of my four icons (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Waterfox) averaging 50 70 downloads each. But I also fixed my icon shelves so it’s symmetrical horizontally and vertically. Download if you wish by clicking this link to my DeviantArt page.

iParent, Got Plans? Translations, and Tutorials

I haven’t given any updates in a while that was because I was trying to enjoy my summer. I did manage to improve/fix changes on iParent as you can see (<——).

Changes: Removed my vector GUHSD logo and put in the original GUHSD logo (given as psd) (poster/notecard); added a picture in the notecard, removed Save the Date on the poster, and removed “workshops to include” on the poster as well.  The community seems to like it.

Got Plans?: Skocko told us of an opportunity to translate the Got Plans? postcard, flier, and poster. Chris and me split the job. Chris did the Spanish translations and I did the Arabic. Chris had it easy while I had go through detours to type Arabic and put it on the psds. Photoshop CS5 can’t type Arabic without breaking the letters so I had to use GIMP to read and write over it with Arabic text. Skocko plans to get an Arabic/Spanish versions of Photoshop to not have to deal with issues  again.  Click these public links to view my translations:


9/3/10: Today, I went to help out in the Mac Lab. I never informed anyone so it was a surprise. The team (Kyle W., Phillip B., Chris C., Christian L.) was already setting/cleaning up things. We had a lot to do (cleaning screens+mouses+tablets, setting up computers+ethernets, etc.) and we did finish by 5:00. And going to Alberto’s wasn’t so bad neither.

Tutorials: I haven’ made any tutorials this summer and I’m really sorry for that but I start working on some starting today and for the rest of the week! I’m posting a new tutorial tonight.

News: The AVID shirts I made for Mr. Fanning was well-liked by the principal that he ordered shirts for the staff to wear on Wednesdays.

More and More Logos

The past week, I was bombarded to design logos for Chris C., Mac Lab Media, and Local Oracle(prize competition). Chris C. came to me and asked me to make a logo for CR Design Lab in Illustrator and so I did and I came up with this. I made this one the featured image just because the other ones aren’t completed yet. The Mac Lab Media also want their logo finished so I experimented with the perspective tool and came  up with something weird but I’ll feature sooner or later. As for the last logo I was not asked/told to do  is the Local Oracle logo which is giving out a cash prize to the winner who designs the best logo. James was the one that pointed this out to me as he is trying to make cash from loads of art contests. James W. and I are finally teaming up to make a cool logo for them.

James also had a plan to make collaborative blog or something similar that will be called FJ Studios. I can’t really tell anymore than that but more info coming soon.

Note: I’m still working on the iPad project.

Dive into CS5

This picture is a poster made by Kyle W. and I for Mrs.White. Poster design will be a little more easier now with CS5. We got CS5 on Friday, but it’s not a trial version BUT will get the full version before/after it expires and we’re also covered for CS6 whenever that comes out. CS5 is amazing and I say that after touching the new features of Illustrator CS5 and Photoshop CS5 and I’m loving the content aware fill already as well as the width tool. The only thing that ticks me off is that I still have to outline the stroke to make it have a gradient since normal stroke can be one color.  Shapebuilder also makes thing a little bit easier than the normal method of using pathfinder(which might go extinct as shapebuilder devours it).

Monday: I was put in charge of making a poster for PTO who need posters/banners that promote kids being supplied food to students who don’t get to eat breakfast in the morning. I did not wish to do it but he insist that I do because he sits on his-so-called PowerChair. Anyways, I’m still trying to make color-theory poster as well as finishing the AVID poster.

Tuesday: Same as usual, working on icons and posters. I plan to make tutorials for Illustrator CS5 soon when I get finished making posters. Chris C. and Kyle W. are working hard on the “top-secret poster” for the school. The 3-d cityscape on the poster is cool but lacking color still. The file is huge and takes a while to save and so they barely make any progress on it which sounds like my big Illustrator project. I plan to finish the AVID poster by the end of this week so we can print it. I also will fix somethings in my EarthDay poster so we can print those out as well.  Don’t time to do anything today though since I have an arabic class in a few minutes so I guess I’ll a little bit harder tomorrow.

Pre…Post Spring Break

4/7/10: Sorry guys, its been awhile. Don’t ever stop checking this blog for updates. I’ll continue to update daily from now. I was still in Vacation Mode so I didn’t have time to update the blog. I’ll summarize what I did these past days right now. Monday, I worked on logo for the MacLab Media website. Here is the first version and here’s Tuesday’s version. Kyle and I also talked to Mr.Fanning for an Avid Recruitment poster that we’re working on right now. I’ll fix those later (so many problems you can see on them).

NOTE: New tutorials are coming(possible tomorrow *hint* *hint*.

4/2/10: I loved the break and it has been wonderful. First I would like to say that I wasn’t able to go to the light painting tutorial since I was busy doing something nothing important though. I spent spring break just hanging out with some friends and playing video games and such. Halo 3 for the win(om my friend’s XBox). I wasn’t able to work on anything at home so that changes from now. I decided I want to work on my projects and finsih up my gigantic illustration. However,  I did get to work with Maclabians on a real important project.

Wednesday morning(during spring break), woke at 8, played some video games, and remember I had to be at Valhalla for some filming. Time went and it finally hit 12:00 so I got a lift to Valhalla. I got there and saw no there thinking maybe so people will be there early. I waited and waited till finally one kid named Faddy arrived(short spikey-haired)and Christian came as well. We waited for the others(I spent time playing Chrisitan’s Ukulele).  Finally, we saw Danny, James, and Kyle arrive in their red car. Skocko also arrived on time to open the MacLab for us. We hauled all the gear to shoot inside Valhalla.

The video we were about to shoot was the Stop Bulling campaign. We shoot in the school near the entrance to Valhalla from the R Buildings. We got read to go and began putting up posters(made by us) in filming area. I changed clothes and we got shooting. I was the one bullied and James was the bully. It was a painful shooting as I to be constantly thrown on the wall(shoulder started hurting later). Danny kept yelling as he usually did and we just messed around as usual also. Finally we finished and we all went back in Vacation Mode.

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