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Getting right on Track

Sorry for my absence, I had quite a busy week(s) with AP tests and prom and all that jazz.

I finish the buttons and shirt but I still have to fix the Senior Awards brochure.

What I’m working currently on is my AP Physics Poster for my class. I’m still trying to fix my Force problems. Hopefully, I can finish this soon so we can print it later.

I’m also taking up doing this year’s Got Plans? poster.

I meant to re-record video tutorials but seeing how my mic makes me sound like nails on a chalkboard, I’ll try to buy a better one soon.

Also, big news, I won a $60,ooo scholarship to attend San Diego State University.


T-Shirts Time

As I’ve been tasked with redesigning buttons/brochures, I have also been tasked to redesign the AVID 2011 T-shirts. Since the AVID team voted for a certain T-shirt design, I’ve been told to illustrate the design onto a computer version. I started this project today and this is its progress so far.

Look out for a tutorial tomorrow.

Texture with Masks Tutorial

Welcome back to the second part of  the 3-D text tutorial. In this part, we will add a faded shadow to our 3-D text.

What You’ll Be Making:


  • Illustrator CS4/5
  • Text Tool
  • Brushes
  • Opacity Masks
  • Slight experience w/ Illustrator


1. A. Use the type tool to type anything you want.   B. For practice, let’s use brushes. Open up the brush window. If you don’t have it open, go to Window>Brushes or press F5.

2. A. Drag a brush/texture onto your workspace. B. Scale the brush/texture so it fits across the object you want to have textured. D. Delete the larger text since it wouldn’t make sense for a casted shadow.

3. A. Copy-drag (by clicking the object then holding option/alt then releasing) a clone of your object (text). B. If your working with text, it’s best to work with outlines so right-click your text and choose Create Outlines. C. Click Cmd+C or Ctrl+C to copy  your cloned object. This is an important step. D. Delete your selection, you’ll see why later. E. It would be wise to change the colors of your texture so that the fill will be the same as the color of your background. Usually brushes have some box around them so be sure to delete that.

4. A. Select your texture and open up the Transparency window by going to Window>Transparency. In the transparency window, double-click an empty gray area next your object. This will create an opacity mask which is already set to clip. B. Click Cmd+V or Ctrl+V to paste your copied object from the last step. C. Move the pasted object onto your original object (text) so they snap into place.

5. A. Click the little gray chain icon between the mask and object in the transparency window. This will prevent the pasted object from moving. B. Switch out from masking editing mode to your normal mode, switch to first box inside the transparency window. Then move your brush/texture over to your original object. C. You will now see your texture/brush going through each letter without crossing the edges of each letter.

6 A. Improve this blend by lower its opacity to around 50%.  B. Use the white arrow tool to move the text with 0% opacity closer to the solid-filled text. You will have achieved a 3-D effect as you see below.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned a new skill.

T-Shirt Resign

I tried entering this T-Shirt design over and over only to have it be declined. It’s kind of aggravating when they till to fix it but fix what exactly?

Anyways, I plan to release my icons on DeviantArt tomorrow or Saturday so see you soon.

ican make icons

First of all, my Math Club poster did get printed —I’m surprised too. Skocko printed 5 that I asked for and I delivered them to 5 math teachers. They loved it.

Second, I spend some of my time designing icons-which I will upload on Deviant-Art if anyone wants to download them. I use IcoFx to convert them for different operating systems.

I’m also making a t-shirt design to try to win some money.

iParent, Got Plans? Translations, and Tutorials

I haven’t given any updates in a while that was because I was trying to enjoy my summer. I did manage to improve/fix changes on iParent as you can see (<——).

Changes: Removed my vector GUHSD logo and put in the original GUHSD logo (given as psd) (poster/notecard); added a picture in the notecard, removed Save the Date on the poster, and removed “workshops to include” on the poster as well.  The community seems to like it.

Got Plans?: Skocko told us of an opportunity to translate the Got Plans? postcard, flier, and poster. Chris and me split the job. Chris did the Spanish translations and I did the Arabic. Chris had it easy while I had go through detours to type Arabic and put it on the psds. Photoshop CS5 can’t type Arabic without breaking the letters so I had to use GIMP to read and write over it with Arabic text. Skocko plans to get an Arabic/Spanish versions of Photoshop to not have to deal with issues  again.  Click these public links to view my translations:


9/3/10: Today, I went to help out in the Mac Lab. I never informed anyone so it was a surprise. The team (Kyle W., Phillip B., Chris C., Christian L.) was already setting/cleaning up things. We had a lot to do (cleaning screens+mouses+tablets, setting up computers+ethernets, etc.) and we did finish by 5:00. And going to Alberto’s wasn’t so bad neither.

Tutorials: I haven’ made any tutorials this summer and I’m really sorry for that but I start working on some starting today and for the rest of the week! I’m posting a new tutorial tonight.

News: The AVID shirts I made for Mr. Fanning was well-liked by the principal that he ordered shirts for the staff to wear on Wednesdays.

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