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First Video Tutorial

In light of the confusion faced on my recent tutorial. I came to the decision to make a video (without audio) tutorial to quickly show the steps I used. I plan to reupload a better version with sound.

Sorry, forgot it was blocked at school. Go here to view it.


Pre…Post Spring Break

4/7/10: Sorry guys, its been awhile. Don’t ever stop checking this blog for updates. I’ll continue to update daily from now. I was still in Vacation Mode so I didn’t have time to update the blog. I’ll summarize what I did these past days right now. Monday, I worked on logo for the MacLab Media website. Here is the first version and here’s Tuesday’s version. Kyle and I also talked to Mr.Fanning for an Avid Recruitment poster that we’re working on right now. I’ll fix those later (so many problems you can see on them).

NOTE: New tutorials are coming(possible tomorrow *hint* *hint*.

4/2/10: I loved the break and it has been wonderful. First I would like to say that I wasn’t able to go to the light painting tutorial since I was busy doing something nothing important though. I spent spring break just hanging out with some friends and playing video games and such. Halo 3 for the win(om my friend’s XBox). I wasn’t able to work on anything at home so that changes from now. I decided I want to work on my projects and finsih up my gigantic illustration. However,  I did get to work with Maclabians on a real important project.

Wednesday morning(during spring break), woke at 8, played some video games, and remember I had to be at Valhalla for some filming. Time went and it finally hit 12:00 so I got a lift to Valhalla. I got there and saw no there thinking maybe so people will be there early. I waited and waited till finally one kid named Faddy arrived(short spikey-haired)and Christian came as well. We waited for the others(I spent time playing Chrisitan’s Ukulele).  Finally, we saw Danny, James, and Kyle arrive in their red car. Skocko also arrived on time to open the MacLab for us. We hauled all the gear to shoot inside Valhalla.

The video we were about to shoot was the Stop Bulling campaign. We shoot in the school near the entrance to Valhalla from the R Buildings. We got read to go and began putting up posters(made by us) in filming area. I changed clothes and we got shooting. I was the one bullied and James was the bully. It was a painful shooting as I to be constantly thrown on the wall(shoulder started hurting later). Danny kept yelling as he usually did and we just messed around as usual also. Finally we finished and we all went back in Vacation Mode.

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