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Making a Simple Baseball Icon Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make a Baseball icon which will resemble the one I used for my January calendar.

What You’ll Be Making:


  • Illustrator
  • Strokes
  • Brushes
  • Slight experience w/ Illustrator


1. A. Draw a circle with a white/gray fill. B. Draw curved secants on both sides of this circle.

2. A. Draw a shape such as an askew triangle (see picture below) and give a red fill (this will become our thread). B. Select this object, then go to Brush tab (click F5 to bring up the Brush Window) and click on the “New ___” symbol to create a new brush (see picture below). A window will pop up, choose the scatter brush option. C. A new window will pop up. For right now, just click OK.

3. A. Now select both of your curved paths. B. Then click on your new brush and you will get something as you would see below.

4. A. Go to the Brush window/tab and double-click your brush or click the Brush Settings button next to the new brush button. B. Now a window will pop up (that you’ve already seen). Click preview to see what you’re doing and adjust the spacing, size, and rotation to your choosing but be sure to make the rotation relative to path. Then click OK.

5. A. Select the two paths and group them together. B. Draw a circle of the same size as our original and move it to the front. Then select that circle and the paths, then right-click and choose Create Clipping Mask.

6 A. Select both the circle and the clipped paths and add a Drop Shadow by going to Effect>Stylize>Drop Shadow. B. Adjust numbers to your choosing. C. If you’ve followed the steps right, you should’ve got something close to this.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.


3D/Revolve Tutorial

You might have noticed that there are 3D effects built-in Illustrator. 3 of these 3D effects are: Extrude&Bevel, Revolve, and Rotate. I’ll teach you to use the funnest of them all: the Revolve Effect.

Prerequisites: Illustrator CS3/4/5          Some experience with Illustrator

About: In this tutorial,  I’ll help you construct a 3-D pawn chess piece.


1. A. Start with simple shapes, a basic circle perhaps. B. Now make other smaller circles near it, trying to construct its “arms” and “legs.”

2. A. Now try to draw lines around the circles to make its body curvy. B. Use pathfinder or the Shape Builder tool (preferable in this case) to  add the shapes together meanwhile removing the excess part on the bottom if you’re following by the pictures exactly.

3. Fix up points around the edges so they’re all crisp and clean and curvy.

4. A. Drag out another copy of this half-finished pawn. B. Also, add a different color to this copy so you can tell apart for the next time.

5. A. Drag the copy behind the original but make it so it’s overlapping the edges. B. Be sure to send the copy to the back of the original.

6. Use Pathfinder/Shape Builder to cut out the excess parts; we only need to overlapped part.

7. A. Drag a copy of this new object. B. Now go to Effect>3D>Revolve…

8. You will get the default setting for Revolve Effect but you can play around with options if you want. If you click preview, you can see what your object will look like, revolved.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and produced an object similar to mine.

Also: Here are some other things I revolved.

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