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Sorry for the long while but I had many things to be done. Homework, projects, community service, yada yada…

I still have many things to be done including the Self-Portraits and the collaboration projects.

But today, during the Mac Lab Saturday School, I managed to finish the January Desktop Wallpaper Calendar I have worked for some time.

Note: I will plan to upload my logos/calendars onto my DeviantArt page and might try to submit a calendar for Smashing Magazine.

As you can see, I made all icons myself and I plan to make tips on making some specific ones (next semester).

I will likely spend the next days snapping some pictures to finish up all the projects I have.

Still, I have finals and all so I’ll be quite busy again.


New Years Revolution

Sorry for not posting much information/tutorial during Christmas Break but I was terribly sick and had to bear with Pneumonia. I’m feeling better now and I can’t wait to produce more spectacular art this year.

Current projects i am working as of now include: Desktop Wallpaper Calendar, logos, self-portraits, secret project (with Phillip), etc.

I plan to also develop a simple game in Unity later in the year.

Since I didn’t make any tutorials during the break, I’ll post some new ones starting tomorrow (gradient tip *cough*).

It also fun meeting my old friend Ben Dulay today in the Mac Lab. If you have time, check his blog later (he made it today).

P.S. Sorry for accidentally deleting someone’s comment on my logos (it was marked as spam).

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