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Congratulations to Chris C., Phillip B., and Zack T. for being in the art-show and winning awards. I couldn’t make it but I wish I could have. I was going to be in there but Skocko rejected my two self-potraits claiming one had a floating nose and the other was too photo-realistic. This was my expression:   (T-T)<–click for the other expression.

I just checked the blog a little while earlier to find my menus on the jobs page as well as my senior awards packet. But it seems we have more competitors for the job. Phillip B. already has his up, as well Kate and almost-there James.

I was going to upload a little earlier (before they showed up on the blog) but I always forget to create outlines on the text and to make it into .jpg in the MacLab but FINALLY I did it. Sorry guys, won’t happen again.

A new job ran into and now I have to create a realistic graphic recreation of an iPad but that’ll be a piece of cake. Hint: iParent.

I redid the Grossmont Union High school District logo with the Pen-tool for anyone who wants to incorporate into their menus if they prefer not resizing the picture into highly pixilated sizes. Download via BOX. ——>


What’s on the menu today?

This week was mostly about getting read for the CST yet I spent most of the time-in the MacLab-redesigning the Palm Cafe lunch menu which was a job I thought would be fun. So far I have two designs. This first, as you can see, is a little too fun/colorful which is why I decided to make another one. I almost finished my 2nd but I will definitely have it complete soon enough. After I finish my 2nd one, I’ll probably hit some more jobs and finish up some illustrations. Also, my Earth Day poster got printed as well as the 840 poster(which I helped with in pen-tooling somethings).

The district art show submissions will be due Monday, but I’m not sure what to submit in. I would choose my big illustration if it was finished(but maybe I can still complete it in time).

If you haven’t seen Iron Man 2, you should. It was awesome and enjoyable (I went to see it last Saturday). Go see it when you have the chance.

5/15/10: Haven’t finished the menu yet, but there’s no rush. I was also asked to create a graphic of Michael Jackson’s pose which I’ll add to my things-to-do list. I will also try to study for my next CST which is also Monday. I’ll be sure to upload my MJ graphic and menu soon enough. Have patience people!

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