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iParent 2011Poster and Logo

You may have noticed this bears a very similar design to the Got Plans? poster and this is due to my Got Plans? poster not being chosen as the best design choice. Since I was working on another poster for people that also managed Got Plans?, they wanted me to use the Got Plans? poster design for the iParent. I was working over the summer and met with my clients to discuss further changes to the poster. Thus, I implemented design changes such as the raffle tickets, large text/papers, placement of objects, etc. I was also asked to make a logo if it was possible. So here are the current drafts of the poster and logo.


Past Weeks

I have worked on the iParent/Got Plans?  project for some time now. I helped in translating those two things in Arabic while Chris Canel did the Spanish translations. And the good thing here is, that both Chris and I will get payed for our efforts. I also saw the mail (for the parents) come in with the iParent poster inside the envelope. It’s a good feeling seeing your work being spread out to a wide audience just like the AVID shirts.

Next week, I’ll post what I’m currently working on and a related tutorial that will follow it up. My classmates probably know already.

iParent, Again!

iParent committee wanted more changes on the iParent poster and notecard and so I went to fix them. Here is what I just finished.

EDIT: I changed the times on the notecard and poster to 8:00 am – 1:00 pm.

RE-EDITS: Again, I changed the information in the bubble (poster and note card) and removed the “Food/Drinks provided…” line.

Better Versions

Just some a better version of the notecard and poster. In these versions, you can see I added more information such as the keynote presentation. I also spent lost of time using grids to get everything in place right. I also fixed a vector GUHSD icon that I made a while ago for the menu job.


I fixed the poster and I also created the notecards. I resized the poster so it would be 11″ by 17″. I made the notecard 4.5″ by 6″ and created slightly different graphics than those I used for the poster. I just need some criticism so I can fix anything wrong with them.

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