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Vector Apps

Today, I present you the vector address application for the iPad. It’s not exact since I was working on small pixilated image so It’s all lot of guess work. I spent more time working on the iPad project today. I was also given a paper of what the design previously was so that also handy. I managed to talk James into helping with the project since James and I are part of the unofficial(as of yet) FJ Studio. So this will be first attempt at collaborating together to design a poster/postcards. I am doing the graphics part of the work and he is doing the writing portion of it, this is exactly how James intended it to be. I’ll continue to provide updates on this project.

On a side note, I like how the rings looked like it’s slanted, another indirect illusions I always seem to make just like the Orange Nation and its static effect.

ANNOUNCEMENT: A new tutorial is coming, possibly this week or next week-hopefully, tomorrow ;).


A 10 Hour Saturday School

This blog post features a camera icon that will be used in my soon-to-be-finished AME brochure. I will also upload it into the box widget on the right.

Today was an exciting Saturday and I couldn’t it have been any better or different.

I arrived at school near 7:00 and came upon a group of students/friends waiting outside the door that leads to Skocko’s room. Unknowingly, I have arrived at a time where Danny O. was trying to film his ASB Dodgeball video which will be up soon. Intentionally I wanted to go straight to work in the computer lab but I decided to stay and help out Danny since his co-Producer James Wirig failed to come in early(he was sleeping) so he was an hour late. We all yelled at him later. I helped out bring in and out equipment and help block lighting from hitting the lens. I managed to take some pictures/videos that will likely going to be in the makingĀ  of the dodgeball video.

I also messed around and Skateboarding the whole time, usually interrupting filming. I even tried taking pictures while skateboarding which was a success but led to some bad quality images. Everyone was hitting each other with the dodgeball;l it was no wonder why we had to take about 7 hours to film the whole thing (5:30-12:00).

After that, we took R&R-drank some soda and ate some pizza and uploaded the video. People stayed till 2:00 where mostly everyone left while Danny O., Chris C., and I went to film Thoroughly Modern Millie (2:00-5:00). It was a wonderfully performed play which really made this Saturday school the best-though I barely did any work at all.

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