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posters, Posters, POSTERS

Lately I’ve been putting a lot of time into posters yet I can’t seem to finish them. One important I did last year was the Chemistry poster I made for my AP Chemistry class (hooray for extra credit). Skocko wants my Earth Day poster so he can print but he complained about the size (it’s always a feud). I also have to finish my AVID poster and not-to-mention, creating a color theory poster which was basically my only true homework in the MacLab. I also got started on designing a Palm CafĂ© lunch menu which is looking good so far. I hope I can get at least one poster printed by tomorrow.

P.S. I got 313 hits yesterday on my website when Skocko linked to my tutorial page on his blog. What a good day that was!


A 10 Hour Saturday School

This blog post features a camera icon that will be used in my soon-to-be-finished AME brochure. I will also upload it into the box widget on the right.

Today was an exciting Saturday and I couldn’t it have been any better or different.

I arrived at school near 7:00 and came upon a group of students/friends waiting outside the door that leads to Skocko’s room. Unknowingly, I have arrived at a time where Danny O. was trying to film his ASB Dodgeball video which will be up soon. Intentionally I wanted to go straight to work in the computer lab but I decided to stay and help out Danny since his co-Producer James Wirig failed to come in early(he was sleeping) so he was an hour late. We all yelled at him later. I helped out bring in and out equipment and help block lighting from hitting the lens. I managed to take some pictures/videos that will likely going to be in the making  of the dodgeball video.

I also messed around and Skateboarding the whole time, usually interrupting filming. I even tried taking pictures while skateboarding which was a success but led to some bad quality images. Everyone was hitting each other with the dodgeball;l it was no wonder why we had to take about 7 hours to film the whole thing (5:30-12:00).

After that, we took R&R-drank some soda and ate some pizza and uploaded the video. People stayed till 2:00 where mostly everyone left while Danny O., Chris C., and I went to film Thoroughly Modern Millie (2:00-5:00). It was a wonderfully performed play which really made this Saturday school the best-though I barely did any work at all.

Late Post Long Week

3/17/10: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and may I hope that you wore green today-too bad I didn’t-so that you won’t get pinched by everyone in school-my arms feel like mosquitoes bit it.

Today I fixed up the badges/buttons using only blue, orange, and white colors as the Admins wanted it that way. I am working on the AME brochure right now and I have more of an idea how to set it up after Skock showed some other similar brochures. Kyle and I have teamed up to make websites-using WordPress-for Mrs. Arnold’s Art Gallery and for Mr. Gilwee’s Yearkbook request. My next job will be helping the theatre by making a Medieval Poster. I also wish to create a “The Student Creative” logo. I forgot to mention that several of our camp lead posters (made by Kyle W. and I) are printed and will be hanged around the school.

We have made a website for Mrs. Arnolds which is now up and running. Come visit it using this link.

3/16/10: Fixed up my badge/button picture for the jobs and hopefully it should be printed-roughly in the morning-tomorrow. The only changes I made was making a part of the button blue.

3/15/10: Sorry I have been gone so long but I got a lot of stuff to tell you today. I didn’t really have time to post as I was busy doing homework and my take-home test from AP Chemistry. Boy was that a doozy.It’s okay now, it’s finally over with now to work on some more stuff.

I was noticing the jobs on Monday of last week and I couldn’t help but want to try to sign up for all of them. So Kyle W. and I went around the school collected information from different teachers such as Mrs. White for her Camp Lead poster and Mr. Gilwee for his yearbook website design, etc. Kyle and I are just about finished with the Camp Lead poster, hopefully we can start on other jobs.

If you went to the blog, you can see I made some badges for the Got 840? button design job. I am currently working on a second version but Skocko is yammering on the design on my orange nation logo which I hope will be finished and finally be approved. 2 jobs down now so I am continuing to work on the 840 api poster, a sign is already finished.

Exciting news as Skocko announced that he would be purchasing licenses for the Z-brush sculpting program which can make such realistic images. I am dying to try it out. I would really want to make some realistic creatures.

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